Dr.K N Anandan

KN Anandan is the Indian Linguist to develop a new species of second language pedagogy called Discourse Oriented Pedagogy (DOP) which falls under the the constructivist paradigm.

Anandan's Academy

A collaborative enterprise of transformative intellectuals who are committed to execute their intellectual and social responsibilities to create a society of free thinking intellectuals who would be creatively intervening in social phenomena

The Academy is going to undertake a series of programmes targeting a wide spectrum of students, teachers, institutions, the skilled and unskilled youth and job seekers


Creating a Platform for Intellectuals who work for Transforming the Society !!

Nurturing the builders of Nation

To create a society of free thinking individuals who love and respect every living and non-living things around them and are committed to work individually and collectively by carrying out their intellectual and social responsibilities towards the welfare of the individuals and the society and build our Nation as ‘a heaven of freedom,’ which is ‘not broken up into fragments of narrow domestic walls.’

Rethinking Schools / Schooling

As a parent or as a person interested in schooling you may have come across terms such as activity-based, learner centred and child friendly classrooms. Have you ever got any opportunity to observe what exactly is happening in most schools? Quite often these terms become meaningless epithets as they are interpreted in varied ways and are translated into classroom practice in different ways. Won’t you get annoyed with the wide gulf between what is claimed and what is done? Whether the school is following the State curriculum and syllabus or is affiliated to CBSE or ICSE or other agencies what can be disappointing is that most decision makers, schools, teachers and administers fail to distinguish between information and knowledge.

Dreams Grow Here

We are sure, as parents you will have been nurturing dreams about your children and you may have done everything to make your dreams appear like their dreams. In the thick of the efforts to fulfill your dream, have you ever paused for a while to see what their dreams are? We respect your dreams but more than that we respect the dreams of your children. We will be with you to materialize what so ever dreams you have about your children or your children have about themselves.

What we believe in

As a school committed to its transformative agenda, we subscribe to a few assumptions that have gained much currency among educationists across the world.

Knowledge is not just a ‘bank’ of facts to be transmitted from the teacher to the student; it is a cognitive process undertaken by teachers and learners alike who discover how different types of information are given precedence within educational institutions.

Consequently, new forms of culture and knowledge become possible. This may involve a reformulation of so-called objectivity and reason in recognition that knowledge can only be partial and particular, reflecting its participants’ social position.

Education has a potential to transform learners into political subjects to whom ethics and questions of good and bad, as well as of truth and knowledge, are central.

What we aspire for

We have a critical approach to schooling. Hence, there is a desire to reintroduce education into the realm of a critically conceptualized society, as educational theory and practice “are grounded in a desire for social change” . Our efforts are to create a better world in which learners develop an identity and ‘voice’, whilst teachers act as ‘transformative intellectuals’ working towards social transformation.

We acknowledge great thinkers like Freire who have given to the academic world critical pedagogy which problematises existing structures, systems, practices and belief systems and shows what could be the right path for the pursuit of knowledge.